Loans for improving housing conditions

Micro-credit company Universal Finance and Credit offers a free service for their clients interested in improving their homes. This service allows to reduce the cost of construction work and materials to improve the quality of the construction works, which ultimately gives the reduction of the cost of heating Your homes.

We offer:

1. Construction cost estimates, which calculated the exact cost of materials and work.

2. Instructional videos, in the case of self-repair such as:

  • The construction of the walls
  • The Foundation
  • Wall insulation
  • Installation of plastic Windows
  • Roof
  • Device a floor covering of linoleum/laminate
  • The device of concrete screed
  • How to apply Wallpaper

3. Discount coupons for high-quality building materials from our partners.



For all questions please call by number:

0500 434 702    WhatsappWhatsapp

0755 434 702    Whatsapp

Get advice on the following address:

Bishkek,, Gogol str 129/1