Payment through banks

In order to repay Your loan through settlement accounts of the banks, you need to know the account of the ICC "Universal Finance and Credit", the name and number of the credit agreement.

The time of payment until 16:00. In the evening the box office until 21:00. If paid before 16:00 the amount is credited to the day. After 16:00 admission will be made the following day.

The repayment rules:

Refer to the employee of the Bank serving individuals


  • Расчетный счет и БИК банка указанный в таблице ниже.
  • Наименование организации где получили кредит("МКК UFC").
  • Укажите полное ФИО заёмщика и номер кредитного договора.
To change
Name of the Bank Account
Chui branch of OJSC RSK Bank 1290043130027220 BIK 129004
OJSC Bakai Bank 1242000270512730 BIK 124001
Demir International Bank 1180000047410978 BIK 118006
CJSC KICB Bank 1280016049388773 BIC 128001
CJSC Bank of Asia 1116201200034938 BIK 111001
Бишкексий филиал ОАО КБ Кыргызстан 1033820000024883 БИК 103038
JSC Optima Bank 1091905386990209 BIK 109019
BTA Bank FZ Very 119004 1190041000014977
Bank OJSC rich man of Tushuna Very 1374070000329486 137002
OJSC Aiyl Bank Very 1350110022369931 135002

Recipient: LLC MKK "Universal Finance

Note: when paying with a credit third party You must specify the name and number of the credit agreement to the borrower.

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