The procedure for registration and repayment of the loan through Elkart mobile

In order to pay Your loan through Elkart mobile you should follow the link below and install the app on your phone:

For Android

For IOS (Iphon)

Next, you should register the phone numbers for this:

1. On the screen “Authorization” select the link “not registered?”
2. On the screen “New user” in the field “Login” enter Your phone number, enter the 8 digit password repeat the entry and click “Next”.
3. On the phone number specified in the field “Login” will be sent SMS message with one-time code for registration. You neobhodimo to enter it in the appropriate box and complete the authorization application.
4. For further login to the application without entering login and password You need to choose a PIN code on the screen “Create your PIN”.

To complete the configuration of the application Elkart mobile need to tie up your payment card Elcart:

1. Click on the Maps tab at the bottom of the screen, and the icon "" to open a data entry screen for card.
2. Next You need to enter your card details:
• the name of the card
• card number (16 digits on the front of the card),
• the card validity period,
• CVV code (number on reverse side of the card).

3. To complete the garter card You need to know the amount of lock via
the available channels of access to the card account by:
• mini statements at the ATM
• Internet banking,
• SMS alerts.

4. Enter it in the appropriate box in the Application to confirm.

Instructions for repayment of the loan MKK “Universal Finance and Credit”:

Select "Banking services"

1. "Repayment of the ICC"

2. Enter the number of the credit agreement and the loan amount.

3. If you did everything correctly you will see your name if not then you need to check the correctness of input data and try again.

If you experience any issues please call 0500434702; 0775434702;

For all questions please call by number:

0500 434 702    Whatsapp Whatsapp

0755 434 702    Whatsapp

Get advice on the following address:

Bishkek,, Gogol str 129/1