The credit for development of agriculture

Goal The development of agriculture, farms, farm credit, crop production, livestock, purchase of agricultural machinery, construction and reconstruction of premises with/x-purpose, thermal insulation of buildings
The loan amount up to 1 000 000 kgs
Loan term from 3 to 48 Months
Interest rate (per annum) from 28,8%
Effective interest rate (per annum) 36%
The period of consideration 1– 3 days
Repayment schedule Repayment of the loan on a residual basis, flexible hours. Preferential repayment
Early loan repayment Not limited, without penalty
Software Without collateral, third party guarantee, movable and immovable property
- up to 50 000 kgs Without collateral and surety
- up to 150 000 som Guarantees from third parties
- up to 250 000 kgs Under the pledge of movable property
- Over 250 000 kgs Under the pledge of real estate
The fee for the loan service 1.5% of loan amount, 1% on loans with collateral
The age of the borrower and guarantors from 21 to 65 years old
Calculate the monthly payment and overpayment on the loan
10 00010 000 000

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