Credit repair and building

Goal Construction and repair of housing, terraces, roofs, porches, outbuildings, interior and exterior finishes, insulation of houses, repair and installation of heating systems
Credit currency the Kyrgyz som
The loan amount up to 500 000 som
Loan term from 3 to 48 months
Interest rate (per annum) from 28.8 per cent a year
Effective interest rate (per annum) 36%
The period of consideration 1– 3 days
Repayment schedule Repayment of the loan as a residual, flexible schedule
Early loan repayment Not limited, without penalty
Software Without collateral, third party guarantee, movable and immovable property
- up to 50 000 kgs Without collateral and surety
- up to 150 000 som Guarantees from third parties
- up to 250 000 kgs Under the pledge of movable property
- Over 250 000 kgs Under the pledge of real estate
The fee for the loan service 1.5% of loan amount, 1% on loans with collateral
The age of the borrower and guarantors from 21 to 65 years old
Additional free services - Calculate the construction cost estimates in order to improve housing conditions;

- Providing training videos for high-quality execution of construction works, in particular the construction of foundations, construction of walls, construction of roofs, installation of Windows, insulation of external walls, floor and roof;

- Provision of a coupon/voucher for the purchase of building materials at a discount in partner stores;
Calculate the monthly payment and overpayment on the loan
10 00010 000 000

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