The list of documents from the employee organization for a loan


- Passport, copy of passport of the spouse (-and)
- Certificate of employment about earnings (wages for the last 6 months, indicating position, length of employment, taxes withheld and payments, signed and stamped)
- A certificate of actual residency issued by the competent authority
- Marriage certificate (if available).
- The consent of the spouse/GI customer for a loan (for loans over 50 000 kgs, and in the presence of existing loans).

The Guarantor - (requires the same documents as the borrower)

For mortgage loans (real Estate):

- Technical passport
- Certificate of state register of CU of the absence of encumbrances (arrest) of property
- Title document (certif land, contract of sale, transfer, gift, other document)
- The consent of the spouse (-and) (notarized)
- The consent of prescribed persons at the time of privatization, in the case of privatized property(notarized).


- Technical passport
- The consent of the spouse (-and) (notarized).
If necessary, can be required other documents.


From a private entrepreneur required the following additional documents: 

Documents in business – a patent, a certificate of registration PE license, the documents of title to retail space or lease, records, other documents