The rights and obligations of customers

To use the loan in accordance with the purposes specified
in the loan agreement

  • To terminate this agreement with the Company and to repay the loan at any time without penalty.

When repayment interest is paid for the actually used days.

  • To the borrower's memo (link to memo)
  • The borrower has the right to appeal to the Director of companies, head of credit Department, or Directors of branches and record their observations in the BOOK of COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTIONS. To answer within ten working days.
  • To unsubscribe free of charge from the loan since the signing of the loan agreement to receive funds
  • Get your hands on the draft of the loan agreement with all attached documents and seek legal advice outside the Company at this time provided to the customer to familiarize with the credit agreement must be at least one day, but not more than three days.
  • Clarification on the procedure of calculation of loan payments and interest
  • Choose your language (national or official), which will prepare a loan agreement


  • Return of a loan and pay interest on the loan according to repayment Schedule
  • To ensure that all information and documents provided in connection with the loan are true and correspond to the originals.
  • To provide the Company with accurate information about its solvency. To notify the Company of any changes or complications that could affect the timely repayment of the loan and payment of due interest on it, including changing the place of work,
    the actual wage positions.
  • To ensure that on his part there is no failure or violations of any agreement, property obligations or have legal proceedings against
    him, which could have a material adverse effect on its business and financial condition.
  • Inform the company of any change of surname,name and patronymic, passport data, place of residence (registration/residence) and place of work for TRENDnet from the date of such changes